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Sunday 21 September 2014

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Columbia Men's Winter Jacket

Columbia produce some of the top men's jackets available today. As winter is nearing it's end there are still plenty cold weather ahead. At this time of the year there are many discount sales on winter clothes and winter stock. Around about now you could bag yourself a bargain Columbia winter jacket.

A selection of Columbia winter jackets

Columbia Portage coat for men

Menswear at sephstyle

jacket for men

Columbia Jacket

black men's jacket

Columbia timer shell coat

Whirlibird by Columbia

Columbia Mountain coat

If you have anything to add on where you can get discounted Columbia jackets please feel free to add in the comment box below. If you would like to contact us directly, you can do so by using the contact me option above.

Things you Should Know About Getting a Tailor Made Suit in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vast corporate city containing all the large global financial and banking names in the heart of Asia. With the corporate lifestyle, Hong Kong has become a location that is well known to contain a huge number of of tailors. There are a number of factors that a man should know about getting a tailor made suit in Hong Kong.

getting a tailor made suit in Hong Kong

Quality tailors do not have canvassers outside their shops

You can spot tailors who are not up to standard of the downtown banker when they have people standing outside their shops trying to find customers. Most will move towards you on the foot path to confront you stating you may need a new suit. The quality tailors in the corporate centres of Kowloon and Central will never have canvassers promoting their services and most do not even advertise as they do not need to do so as reputations provide repeat customers.

The quality tailors only take five days to make a suit

It is useful to know how many days tailors take to make a suit if your stay in Hong Kong is short. When I went to Hong Kong I got two made which were produced within 4 days. This was rather convenient as my stay in the Administrative Region of China was short. Although most tailors have a postal option, when getting a suit made for the first time, it will keep your mind at ease when you are able to collect your suit before you go home. 

Tailors only need two fitting sessions

The good tailors only need two suit fittings at the most to produce a quality suit. The first fitting will be to get your precise measurements after the initial measurement upon ordering. The second fitting should take place on the day you collect your suit. The quality tailors should have your suit fitting the way it should.

It's your suit so have it produced your way

The top Hong Kong tailors should ask you how you want your suit to look by giving you an option on the features of a suit.

The design and the number of buttons

You should decide on the number of buttons you have on your suit, both on the front and on the sleeve. After this you should be able to pick the color and the design of the suit buttons.

The collar, gorge and lapel

The collar gorge and lapel all provide a presence to a suit. Picking a design that you want will be what makes a tailor made suit look a thousand times better than one you buy.

Bargain the price

Hong Kong is a great place for bargaining prices for services and at markets. The tailors are no different as they normally charge higher than what they will accept. Do not be afraid to argue the price as it could save you a good few Hong Kong Dollars. Bargaining a price will not affect the quality of the end product.

Following these tips can help with grabbing a quality suit for a decent price on your visit to Hong Kong. Again Kowloon and Central have the best quality tailors. Most tailors will keep a record of your measurements so that you can order online from them in the future. You will usually find your name in the inside of your suit jacket with a unique number where you can order another suit online. Some tailors also offer the opportunity for you to post a piece of material to their shop so that you can have a suit created in that color.

If you have any information to add, please do so below. If you want any information you can contact me directly with the contact us tab above and I can offer you advice on where exactly to go in Hong Kong to find a top tailor to create a sharp suit for you.